AnyDesk Software GmbH

AnyDesk was established in 2014. AnyDesk remote session software allows you to work remotely, display another device's screen or share your monitor with other users, manage files between two devices in parallel to a normal remote session, turn the device on from sleep mode, manage mobile devices . The company's website is , where you can find more information about its products and services. AnyDesk offers fast, secure and reliable solutions for remote work, technical support, education and entertainment.

AnyDesk Standard Starts with 1 concurrent connection 1 year+Namespace
SRP: 358,80 EUR/1 year + 298,80 EUR/ 1 year
Assign any alias to your devices in your own namespace. The alias is used to quickly and easily connect to a device using an individual name (e.g. your.your.surname@yourcompany) instead of using your device's AnyDesk address
Only alphanumeric characters as well as '-', '_' and 'are allowed.'length 2-50
2,278.00 zł
2,278.00 zł tax excl.